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IP PBXs are modern telephone exchanges that use the IP communication protocol. They make it possible to use VoIP technology, which is best suited for offices. If you want to reduce the cost of domestic and international calls and get a high-quality connection, you should decide to set up an IP PBX. In the assortment of our store we have two PBX models. The NeoPBX Standar PBX allows you to handle up to 30 simultaneous calls, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. However, if you are looking for a device that will work well in offices with multiple departments or even call center companies, you should opt for the NeoPBX Enterprise PBX, which supports up to 300 simultaneous calls. Both devices are equipped with call recording option, voicemail, video transmission support, queuing support, or the ability to connect multiple departments. What's more, with built-in short-circuit and overvoltage protection, the PBXs are fully safe to use.

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    Subscription IP PBX

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    IP PBX by subscription.
    There are no upfront costs, such as purchasing a PBX or implementation. The advantage is that there are no hardware failures or component replacements. If you have your own telephones, you can work straight away. If not, it is necessary to purchase the handsets, which you receive configured. The whole installation is a matter of taking them out of their boxes and connecting them to the network.

    It is possible to transfer existing telephone numbers.

    The quoted price is an average; we send a detailed subscription quote individually after determining the number of internal and external lines and added services. Please contact us at 221 221 022 or kontakt@sklep24ip.pl.
  • neoPBX Standard PBX

    €517.89 tax incl
    €517.89 tax excl
    Supports up to 30* simultaneous connections, number of subscribers unlimited

        Housing: ITX
        Dimensions: W 500 mm / H 140 mm / D 300 mm
        Power supply: 230V
        Protections: Short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection
        Mains adapter: 100/1000
        Switch: single-state microstepping
        Indicator light: 1 pc.
        Mounted 1 TB drive for data storage,
  • neoPBX Enterprise PBX

    €1,381.33 tax incl
    €1,381.33 tax excl
    Supports up to 300* simultaneous connections, number of subscribers unlimited

        Housing: 19" rack
        Dimensions: W 500 mm/H 190 mm/D 300 mm
        Fan: 2x 80mm/80mm
        Power supply: 230V
        Max power: 400 Watts
        Protections: Short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection
        RJ 45 outputs: City connector 7 pcs. LAN connector 1 pc.
        Network card: 10/100/1000
        Switch: single-state microstick
        Service connectors: 2 pcs.
        Indicator light: 1 pc.
        ISDN BRA cards in versions: 1, 2, 4, 6 ports
        (ports can be freely configured as internal or external)
        PRA ISDN cards in versions: 1, 2, 4 ports
        GSM cards in versions: 1, 2,3,4 ports
        Two 1TB disks mounted 24/7 in mirror mode for data storage