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Wireless conference phone is a modern solution, increasingly used by companies around the world. Nowadays, remote conferences are increasingly replacing in-person business meetings, which is why you should opt for one of our modern conference phones. In our offer you will find a Konftel conference phone that will be perfect for conducting meetings for up to 12 people. When you choose our products, you'll get good-quality HD sound, call recording capabilities, a voice adjustment option and a remote phone book. All of our phones are equipped with a battery, allowing up to dozens of hours of calls without recharging. In order to select the right phone model to fit the size of the conference room, we invite you to contact our company.
Yealink conference phone

Yealink conference phone is an excellent choice for those who value comfort and reliability in communication. Yealink is a brand that has been on the market for more than two decades. Solutions from this manufacturer are characterized by intuitiveness, perfectly thought-out design, longevity and reliability. Not surprisingly, Yaelink is one of the world's leaders among conference phone providers. It is also the most important industry player in the Chinese market. So if you want your company's communications to be seamless and state-of-the-art, we warmly invite you to contact us. Our consultants will help you choose such a conference phone system that will work best for you. You are welcome!

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  • ​KONFTEL 800

    €736.94 tax incl
    €736.94 tax excl
    y Room type: Small to large
    y OmniSound®
    y Beamforming microphones
    y Daisy-chain connection
    y Supports expansion microphones
    y Simple-to-use touch interface
    y SIP, USB, Bluetooth®
    y Built-in bridging function for
    5-way calls
    y Efficient, scalable provisioning
    y Two-year warranty
    y Climate Neutral Certified

    €519.24 tax incl
    €519.24 tax excl
    y Room type: Small to Medium
    y SIP
    y Hybrid: combine meeting app with
    phone calls
    y Built-in support for Konftel Unite
    y NFC for swift connection to
    Konftel Unite mobile app
    y Built-in bridge for 5-way calls
    y Connectable to expansion microphones
    and PA systems
    y Efficient, scalable provisioning
    y Climate Neutral certified
  • ​KONFTEL 300IP PoE

    €459.51 tax incl
    €459.51 tax excl
    yy Meeting size: More than 20 people
    yy SIP
    yy Built-in bridge for 5-way calls
    yy Efficient, scalable provisioning
    yy OmniSound® with HD audio
    yy Connectable to expansion microphones
    and PA systems
    yy Wireless headset connection
    yy Recording on memory card
    yy Two-year warranty