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  • YEALINK YHS34 Mono

    PLN86.18 tax incl
    PLN86.18 tax excl

    Perfectly Compatible with Yealink Phones

    Runs right out of the box, a QD to RJ9 plug-and-play setup makes the connectivity to Yealink IP phones at ease.The phones can automatically optimize acoustic parameters for your YHS34/YHS34 Lite. Perfect match with Yealink desk phones gives you optimized audio quality.

  • SNOM M65 DECT Handset

    PLN594.31 tax incl
    PLN594.31 tax excl
    · Wideband speakerphone
    · HD Audio
    · DECT encryption
    · 250 hours standby
    · Local and shared address book
    · Headset plug
    · SW upgrade over-the-air
  • YEALINK W56H - Wireless...

    PLN268.29 tax incl
    PLN268.29 tax excl
    . Exceptional handsfree talking
    . 2.4" 240 x 320 color screen with intuitive user interface
    . Headset connection via 3.5 mm jack
    . Up to 30 hours talk time
    . Up to 400 hours standby time
    . Elegant keypad design with illumination and keypad lock
  • SNOM M25 DECT Handset

    PLN373.17 tax incl
    PLN373.17 tax excl
    · TFT color display
    · Up to 75 hours standby and 7 hours talktime
    · Configurable signal LED
    · Intuitive user interface
    · 3.5 mm headset jack
  • Yealink SIP-T30

    PLN101.63 tax incl
    PLN101.63 tax excl
    • Yealink HD Voice
    • 2.3” 132x64-pixel graphical LCD
    • Two-port 10/100M Ethernet Switch
    • Opus codec support
    • One SIP account
    • Local 5-way conferencing
    • Support EHS Wireless Headset
    • Unified Firmware
    • Support YDMP/YMCS
    • Stand with 2 adjustable angles
    • Wall mountable
  • YEALINK BT41 - Bluetooth...

    PLN80.49 tax incl
    PLN80.49 tax excl
    > Supports Yealink SIP-T27G/T29G/T46G/T48G/T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S/T53
    > Answer/Terminate calls through wireless headset
    > 10m Range

    PLN446.34 tax incl
    PLN446.34 tax excl
    • 4.3" 480 x 272-pixel color display with
    • Opus codec support
    • Dual USB ports
    • Dual firmware images
    • T4U Auto-P template unified
    • T4U firmware unified
    • Up to 16 SIP accounts
    • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet
    • PoE support
    • USB headset and EHS support
    • Wi-Fi via WF40/WF50
    • Bluetooth via BT40/BT41
    • USB recording
    • Supports color-screen expansion modules
    • Stand with two adjustable angles
    • Wall mountable
  • SNOM C520 - WiMi -...

    PLN1,048.78 tax incl
    PLN1,048.78 tax excl
    · 2 detachable wireless microphones with
    charging cradles built into the telephone
    · 1 integrated hands-free microphone
    · Bluetooth connectivity
    · Wideband audio
    · Flexible to use
    · Allows for up to three C52-SP hands-free
    units to be connected
  • YEALINK Power supply - IP...

    PLN52.03 tax incl
    PLN52.03 tax excl
    Power supply for all YEALINK telephone models, i.e. T19/T21/T23/T27/T29/T40/T41/T42/T43/T46/T48/T52/T54/T56/T57/T58/VP59

    Voltage 5V

    Current 2A