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Wireless conference phone is a modern solution, increasingly used by companies around the world. Nowadays, remote conferences are increasingly replacing in-person business meetings, which is why you should opt for one of our modern conference phones. In our offer you will find a Konftel conference phone that will be perfect for conducting meetings for up to 12 people. When you choose our products, you'll get good-quality HD sound, call recording capabilities, a voice adjustment option and a remote phone book. All of our phones are equipped with a battery, allowing up to dozens of hours of calls without recharging. In order to select the right phone model to fit the size of the conference room, we invite you to contact our company.
Yealink conference phone

Yealink conference phone is an excellent choice for those who value comfort and reliability in communication. Yealink is a brand that has been on the market for more than two decades. Solutions from this manufacturer are characterized by intuitiveness, perfectly thought-out design, longevity and reliability. Not surprisingly, Yaelink is one of the world's leaders among conference phone providers. It is also the most important industry player in the Chinese market. So if you want your company's communications to be seamless and state-of-the-art, we warmly invite you to contact us. Our consultants will help you choose such a conference phone system that will work best for you. You are welcome!

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  • ​KONFTEL 300Wx

    €433.45 tax incl
    €433.45 tax excl
    y Room type: Small to Medium
    y Wireless DECT
    y Base station: IP, analog or GAP
    y Battery with 60 hours of call time
    y Hybrid: combine meeting app with phone calls
    y Expandable with additional microphonesSupport for Konftel Unite via adapter
    y Two-year warranty
    y Climate Neutral certified

    €101.71 tax incl
    €101.71 tax excl
    y Room type: Personal to Huddle
    y Bluetooth®
    y Small and portable
    y OmniSound® with HD audio
    y LCD screen
    y Supports Microsoft Teams, Cisco
    Webex, Zoom, Avaya IX Workplace
    and other meeting tools.
    y Stream music in HD (A2DP)
    y Headset port 3.5 mm
    y Two-year warranty
    y Climate Neutral Certified
  • SNOM C520 - WiMi -...

    €250.22 tax incl
    €250.22 tax excl
    · 2 detachable wireless microphones with
    charging cradles built into the telephone
    · 1 integrated hands-free microphone
    · Bluetooth connectivity
    · Wideband audio
    · Flexible to use
    · Allows for up to three C52-SP hands-free
    units to be connected
  • YEALINK CP920 - telefon...

    €379.05 tax incl
    €379.05 tax excl

    Nadszedł czas, aby zoptymalizować salę konferencyjną przy użyciu telefonu konferencyjnego IP Yealink CP920.

    CP920 łączy w sobie intuicyjną obsługę z wyrafinowaniem funkcji. Stworzony został z myślą o średnich i dużych salach konferencyjnych. 

    Czysty i wyraźny dźwięk gwarantuje wbudowany w telefon głośnik Harman Kardon.

    ​Jeżeli chcesz dołączyć do połączenia rozmowę z telefonu komórkowego lub komputera, to CP920 umożliwi to poprzez wbudowany Bluetooth.

  • SNOM C52 - SP - Expansion...

    €172.52 tax incl
    €172.52 tax excl
    • · Flexible expansion for C520-WiMi
      · Full Duplex handsfree unit
      · Wireless integration
      · Wideband audio
      · Up to 12 hours talk time
      · Up to 70 hours stand-by time
      · Protection of investment
  • YEALINK CP930W - Wireless...

    €428.44 tax incl
    €428.44 tax excl
    • 3.1” 248x120-pixel graphical LCD with backlight
    • Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery
    • Up to 24-hour talk time
    • Up to 15-day standby time
    • 3.75-hour charging time
    • Built-in 3-microphone array
    • Optima HD voice, full duplex technology
    • 20-foot (6-meter) and 360-degree microphone
    pickup range
    • Yealink Noise Proof technology
    • 5-way conference call
    • Connect to PC via Micro USB port
    • Connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth
    • Hybrid UC meeting
    • Call recording via Micro SD card
    • Sensitive touch keypad
    • Upgrade Over-the-Air (OTA)
    • Work with Yealink W60B Base Station
  • YEALINK CP930W + base -...

    €499.76 tax incl
    €499.76 tax excl

    The CP930W combines intuitive operation with feature sophistication.

    This cordless conference phone was created with small and medium-sized rooms in mind.

    Clear and crisp sound is guaranteed by the phone's built-in Harman Kardon loudspeaker.
  • YEALINK CP900 - Premium...

    €141.60 tax incl
    €141.60 tax excl
    Yealink CP900 is the high-performance portable speakerphone that is flexible and scalable for the meetings of up to 6 people. Yealink CP900 rewards you with a trouble-free plug and play connectivity that you can connect it to your PC, tablet and smartphone via Bluetooth wireless pairing and USB wired connection. To let you feel free to sit at any end of the table or walk around your office room, CP900 packs itself with Yealink HD voice quality. Wrap the CP900 with the 6-microphone beamforming array, full-duplex technology and the Yealink audio algorithms, we have crafted an elaborate speakerphone experience for you indeed, including the 360-degree voice pick-up ability and the best echo cancellation which always keeps you staying focused on your meeting.
  • KONFTEL 55

    €231.40 tax incl
    €231.40 tax excl
    yy Meeting size: Up to 12 people
    yy Connection to desk phone
    yy Connection to cell phone (cable)
    yy USB for collaboration
    yy Integration with UC clients
    yy Recording on memory card
    yy Combine different connections
    yy Two-year warranty