Products from the SKLEP24IP store come with a 24-month warranty.
It is possible to extend the warranty in the EasyProtect system for an additional 1, 2 or 3 years.

The equipment is warranted at the manufacturer's authorized service center, KONTEL.

KONTEL Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa
30 Rakowiecka St., 02-528 Warsaw, Poland
NIP: 521-012-70-34

Please report the equipment for service by RMA form at this link: RMA

KONTEL Service Repair Regulations

Warranty repairs - are performed free of charge, except for cases specified in the manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions (e.g. for Plantronics Repairs are carried out strictly according to the requirements of equipment manufacturers. The time of warranty repair begins to run from the moment of delivery of the equipment, warranty documents and a copy of the proof of purchase to the service. The service reserves the right to refuse to perform free repairs under the warranty if:

    There has been interference with the equipment by persons not authorized to repair it,
    The equipment is mechanically damaged,
    The damage found is the result of operation in a manner inconsistent with the intended use of the equipment as described in the user's manual,
    The equipment is damaged as a result of force majeure or environmental influences,
    The required documents confirming the origin of the product (warranty card or warranty number on the package and a copy of the proof of purchase) are missing.

Post-warranty repairs - by submitting the equipment for repair or sending the equipment via courier, the Customer accepts the terms and conditions for the execution of maintenance services by KONTEL Service.

    The cost of expertise and valuation of repair is up to 150,00 PLN net. The expertise and valuation of the repair cost is valid 30 days from the date of its execution.
    Repairs up to the amount of PLN 250,00 net are performed without additional confirmation of the valuation by the customer.
    Repairs valued at more than PLN 250.00 net must be confirmed - a written consent of the Client to carry out paid repairs is required, with a legible signature of the accepting person. It is permissible to give consent in electronic form (email, web service form).
    Defective modules replaced during the repair are issued to the Customer only at his request expressed when accepting the equipment for repair. If this does not occur, the replaced parts are handed over for disposal.

Additional provisions:

    KONTEL Service is not responsible for the data on the memory media handed over with the equipment for repair, as well as user settings that may be lost during the repair (restoration of factory settings).
    The customer, by handing over the equipment for repair, declares that the equipment handed over is his property or that he has full right to dispose of it.
    In the case of repairs not covered by the warranty, KONTEL service reserves the right to withdraw from the service if the manufacturer does not provide for a given type of repair or if the components necessary for the repair are not available.
    The document entitling the customer to collect the equipment from the service after repair is the original confirmation of acceptance of the equipment for repair.
    The customer is obliged to collect the equipment from the service within 14 days from the date of the first call for collection. Failure to collect the equipment for a period of 30 days from the date of the summons means that the Customer has voluntarily disposed of the ownership of the equipment as a movable item, by abandoning it within the meaning of Article 180 of the Civil Code. Pursuant to Article 181 of the Civil Code, ownership of the equipment is transferred to the KONTEL Service provider, who takes possession of the equipment. At the same time, the customer is obliged to cover the cost of the repair and storage performed.
    In the case of equipment purchased from December 25, 2014 onwards, after the delivery under the warranty of defect-free equipment instead of defective equipment, or in the case of significant repairs to the equipment covered by the warranty - the warranty period runs anew from the moment of delivery of defect-free equipment or return of repaired equipment. If the equipment has not been substantially repaired under the warranty, the warranty shall be extended only by the time during which, due to a defect in the equipment covered by the warranty, the equipment could not be used.
    For equipment purchased before December 25, 2014, the warranty terms from the date of sale shall apply.
    In making an out-of-warranty replacement of the replaced equipment, KONTEL does not provide an additional warranty. In particular, Article 581 of the Civil Code does not apply, and the time limits for exercising warranty and guarantee rights run from the original date of purchase of the equipment.